Wallace Cameron Blue Pilferproof Plasters Assorted Sizes (Blue) Pack of 150 Plasters

For Premier Pilferproof KitsQuantity 150Assorted Sizes: 72x25mm, 72x48mm and 38x38mmBlue


Wallace Cameron BS8599-1 Large Green Box First Aid Kit Refill (Blue)

Refill Box100 x Adhesive dressings1x Adhesive tape40 x Alcohol free wipes2 x Burn dressings2 x Conforming bandages4 x Eyepads4 x Finger bandages3 x Foil...


Wallace Cameron BS8599-1 Medium First Aid Kit Refill (Blue)

Refill Box60 x Adhesive dressings1x Adhesive tape30 x Alcohol free wipes2 x Burn dressings2 x Conforming bandages3 x Eyepads3 x Finger bandage2 x Foil...



Wallace Cameron First-Aid Fabric Adhesive Tape (25mm x 5m)

Suitable for securing dressing pads in place over the wound areaA comprehensive rangeFabric tapes ideal for industrial locationsSize: 25mmx5m


Wallace Cameron Pilferproof Fabric Plasters Refill (Box of 150 Plasters)

For Premier Pilferproof KitsQuantity 150Size: 760x25mm


Wallace Cameron Plasters Assorted (1 x Pack of 200)

The ideal plaster kit, suitable for the office, garage, shop etcWith at a glance stock control for fillingOnce used the dispenser can be refilled with...


Wallace Cameron Pull 'n' Open Plaster Refill (Blue) Pack of 60

Pull 'n' Open PlastersBlueRefill Pack60 plasters


Wallace Cameron Sterikool Sachet Non-toxic Australian Tea-tree Oil (Pack of 20)

Suitable for emergency care on burns, scalds and sunburnMoisturises, cools and soothes, minimises trauma, helps prevent infection, non-adherent and non-toxicContains...


Wallace Cameron Triangular Hard-wearing Compliance Reusable Bandages (Pack of 6)

Hard-wearing bandagesA compliance dressingUsed to immobilise, support and protect arms, shoulders and ribsNon-frayed edgesReusablePacked 6


Wallace Cameron Twist & Open Pilferproof Fabric Plasters Refill (Pack of 60)

Pull 'n' Open PlastersFabricRefill Pack60 plasters


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