Barebell Protein Bar

Barebell Protein Bar are amazing. The ingredients are simple yet effective. They tastes better than your normal chocolate bar and are a lot healthier for...


Bounty Protein Bars 18 x 51g Bar(s)

Milk & whey protein to assist muscle growth & repair Flavour & texture of the original bounty Suitable for post-workout or a protein-loaded treat


BPI Best Protein Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

20g of Protein per bar Rich & soft texture with that fresh-baked feel Mouth-watering flavours


BSN Syntha 6 Edge Protein Bar 12 x 66g Bar(s)

High Protein 20g Per Bar Great Tasting Protein Bar High In Fibre & Low In Sugar


CNP Professional Pro Bar Protein 12 x 70g Bar(s)

23g of premium protein per bar Milk protein isolate & whey protein concentrate Fudge-style layer & real chocolate coating


CNP Professional Pro Fusion Bar 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Contains beneficial fats including cocoa butterJust 239 calories per servingIdeal as a snack or treat around training


Efectiv Nutrition Dual Bar 12 x 50g Bar(s)

● High in protein (18g per 50g bar)● Contains just 7.5g of total carbs & 1.2g of sugar● Contains no palm oil, its sugar-free & GMO free



FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Blend of protein isolate and concentrate Each serving contains 20g of protein Gluten and GMO free, with no artificial flavourings


Forti-FX Fit Crunch Bars - Dated Sep 17 12 x 90g Bar(s)

Six Layer Baked Protein Bar With 30g of Protein Per Bar Delicious & Easily Digested


Fulfil Fulfil Vitamin and Protein Bar 15 x 55g Bar(s)

High Protein Per Bar Full of Vitamins & Minerals Delicious Flavours


Grenade Carb Killa 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Tasty high protein low carb snack. 23g of Protein per bar Contains 6.7g of Dietary Fibre per serving


High 5 Protein Bar 25 x 50g Bar(s)

High 5 ProteinBar contains 13g of protein and 24g of carbohydrates per bar. It has a light texture and chocolate coating for flavour. High 5 ProteinBar...


Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars - Dated Sep 17 12 x 65g Bar(s)

Great Tasting Convenient Multi-Layer Bar 21g of Protein per Bar Supports Muscle Growth & Mass


Mars Protein Bars 18 x 58g Bar(s)

New Mars Protein Bar 19g of Protein Delicious Tasting Bar


Meridian Nut Bar

Meridian Nut Bars are a healthy snack while on the go. These provide you with a great taste and rich energy. Whoever loves having a spoonful of peanut...


MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar 12 x 63g Bar(s)

20g of Protein per Bar Only 210 calories Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance


Muscletech Nitro Tech Crunch Bar 12 x 65g Bar(s)

65g bar provides 22g of quality, muscle-building proteinLower in carbs, and contains just 3g of sugar alcoholsAvailable in a range of flavours


NRGFuel Protein Bars

NRGFuel Protein Bars is a high quality, high protein nourishment bar. It offers a convenient and simple solution to provide you with quality proteins and...


PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie

PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie is a great tasting diet snack. A convenient way to add extra protein to your diet, with only 4g of sugar per cookie - Perfect...


PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT Bar 12 x 75g Bar(s)

Contains 30g of Protein Per Bar Great for Strength Training or Weight Lifting Training Plan Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance


PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars

PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars are a brand new, great tasting bar from PhD themselves. It is made with highest quality ingredients to give you the...


PhD Nutrition Smart Bar

PhD Nutrition Smart Bar is a brand new, high quality protein bar that has been made to tastes amazing but also benefit your body with the nutrients.  PhD...


PhD Nutrition Smart Bar 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Each 64g bar provides 20g of muscle-building protein Low sugar Available in a range of indulgent flavours


Pro Supps My Bar 12 x 55g Bar(s)

● Each 55g bar contains 20g protein● Gluten-free and void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats● Available in a range of delectable...


Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein Bars 18 x 50g Bar(s)

Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein provides the nutrients that your body needs to recover after exercise. With protein and amino acids to support and repair...


Pulsin Protein Snack Bar 18 x 50g Bar(s)

The Pulsin Protein Snack Bar is a simple and effective way of adding extra protein to your diet. Each bar contains 12g of protein. Pulsin Protein Snack...


Quest Nutrition Protein Bars 12 x 60g Bar(s)

High Protein Low Carb Snack Bars Gluten Free Protein Contributes To a Growth In & Maintenance Of Muscle Mass


Reflex Nutrition R-Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Introducing a new type of protein bar - Reflex Nutrition R-Bar. Great taste and texture without any hidden nasties. Each Reflex Nutrition R-Bar contains...


Sci MX Pro 2Go Bar 12 x 65g Bar(s)

Delicious New Tasting Bar 21g of Protein Protein Supports Muscle


Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies

Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies are a delicious, soft baked, smooth chocolate chip brownie made with the best ingredients to help you with your fitness goals. ...


Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Cookie

SCI-MX Pro 2Go Cookies, a delicious high protein snack designed to help with maintaining muscle and feeding our body with nutrients we need. SCI-MX Pro...


Sci MX Pro 2GO Duo Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Sci MX Protein Duo is a protein bar with a difference. Each bar contains 20g of gradual release protein and eight hour amino acid formula for a constant...


Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar

Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar is a high quality protein bar that has been made with some great ingredients, making sure it delivers the best benefits to you. ...


Snickers Protein Bars 18 x 51g Bar(s)

New Snickers Protein Bar 18g of Protein Delicious Tasting Bar


USN Low Sugar Protein 24 x 35g Bar(s)

Each 35g bar delivers 11g (31%) of milk protein to support muscle growth and repair Contains only 118 calories Multi-packs of individually wrapped


USN Protein Delite 12 x 76g Bar(s)

USN Protein Delte is a nutritious and tasty protein bar. Eating this bar is a simple and convenient way to add extra protein in your diet. You can eat...


USN Protein Delite 18 x 50g Bar(s)

Advanced Whey Protein Isolate Over 15g of Protein Per Bar Convenient Post Workout Snack


USN Protein Delite 22 Low Carb 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Available in a range of mouth-watering flavours! High in fibre (7g per serve) to help keep you sated Multi-packs of individually wrapped bars


Warrior Crunch 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Quality protein to assist muscle growth and repair Satisfies cravings for chocolate - without guilt Authentic chocolate bar experience


Warrior Crunch Bar

Warrior Crunch Bar is a high quality, guilt free protein bar. It is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars. Warrior Crunch Bar contains...

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