Beet It Sport Flapjack 25 x 40g Bar(s)

Contain Dietary Nitrates & Oats May Increase physical Performance During Exercise Tasty Snack


CNP Professional Pro Flapjacks 12 x 75g Flapjack

Delicious Snack Protein Bars With 18g of Protein Supports a Growth In & Maintenance Of Muscle Mass


CNP Professional Pro Flapjacks 24 x 75g Flapjack

Delicious Snack Protein Bars With 18g of Protein Supports a Growth In & Maintenance Of Muscle Mass


CNP Professional Pro Ultimate Flapjack 12 x 85g Flapjack

With 18g of Protein per Bar Source of Low GI Carbohydrates Ideal as a post workout snack


Dr Zaks High Protein Cookie 12 x 60g Cookies

● Each 60g cookie contains 15g protein● Halal & vegetarian society approved, contains no palm oil● Available in a variety of scrumptious...


Efectiv Nutrition Pro & Oats Flapjack 12 x 70g Bar(s)

● Each 70g flapjack contains 14g quality protein ● Great snack for on the go● Choose from a range of scrumptious flavours


Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks 12 x 70g Bar(s)

Over 22% protein per 70g bar No added refine sugars Only 3% saturated fats


Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks NEW 12 x 70g Bar(s)

Each 70g bar contains 18.9g of muscle-building protein Over 30g of carbohydrates, sustained release Available in a range of delicious flavours


High 5 Advanced 4:1 Training Bar 25 x 50g Bar(s)

The High 5 Advanced 4:1 Training Bar has a balance of simple and complex carbohydates. It also contains protein and contains Cereal, Fruit and Nuts. The...


High 5 Energy Bar 25 x 60g Bar(s)

High 5 Energy Bar contains both simple and complex carbohydrates with 48.7g of carbohydrates per bar. It is made using fruit and grains so that the bar...


High 5 Sports Bar 25 x 55g Bar(s)

The High 5 Sports Bar contains both simple and complex carbohydrates. It is a combination of fruit and grains with a light chocolate or yoghurt covering....


Lux Premium Protein Flapjack 12 x 75g Bar(s)

UK's Best Protein Bar 20g of Ultra-Premium Quality Protein Supports Muscle Growth & Mass


Muscletech Protein Cookie 6 x 92g Bar(s)

Contains roughly half the sugar of a standard protein cookieHigh in fibre to help keep you satedAvailable in a range of amazing flavours


Oatein Oatein Super Cookie 12 x 75g Cookies

16g of Protein Great Tasting Flavours Ideal Snack


Oatein Oats and Protein Flapjack 12 x 75g Bar(s)

19g of Protein Source of Complex Carbohydrates Supports Muscle Mass & Energy


Optimum Nutrition Protein Oats Flapjack 12 x 80g Bar(s)

Authentic, soft and chewy flapjack textureMulti-packs allow you to plan snacks in advanceAvailable in a variety of scrumptious flavours!


PhD Nutrition Pro-Oat Cookie 12 x 75g Box

The PhD Nutrition Pro-Oat Cookie is a high protein snack that can be eaten any time of the day. Each cookie contains a massive 32g of protein! As well...


PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjack + 12 x 75g Bar(s)

Great Tasting Protein Bar to Help with the Building Of Lean Muscle Contains 19g of Protein Low in Saturated Fat & Sugar


PhD Nutrition Synergy ISO 7 Bar 12 x 75g Bar(s)

With Whey Protein Isolate & Micellar Casein Provides 28g of Protein Per Bar Protein Supports Muscle Build


PHD Woman Meal Replacement Bars - Dated Aug 17 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Use as an alternative to ordinary meal replacement shakes Includes Protein, Calcium and Biotin Also contain Vitamin C, Iron and Vitamin B6


Pro Supps My Cookie 12 x 80g Cookies

● Each 80g bar contains 18g protein ● Gluten-free and void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats● Available in a range of delectable...


Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie 18 x 50g Bar(s)

Maca powder, green tea extract and dried goji berries Made with cold-pressed cacao beans and cacao butter Gluten & dairy free, no refined sugars


Sci MX Pro 2Go Cookies 12 x 75g Cookies

23g of Protein Protein Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance Delicious protein snack bars


Sci MX Pro 2GO Flapjack 24 x 80g Bar(s)

The Sci MX Pro 2GO Flapjack is a delicious high protein snack bar. Each bar contains 21g of Protein and 3.5g of fibre. For additional flavour, Sci MX Pro...


Sci MX Pro 2Go Mini Cookie 12 x 50g Cookies

Each 50g bar provides 15g of protein to assist muscle recoveryMulti-packs & smaller to moderate your macrosAvailable in a range of flavours


Sci MX Pro 2Go Oat Bake Bar 16 x 50g Bar(s)

Each 50g oat bake contains 22g of low-impact carbsDelivers 2.5g of sugar per serve, 15g of quality proteinAuthentic flapjack taste & texture


USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic Bars 12 x 100g Bar(s)

Meal Replacement Bar 30g of Protein Per Bar Comprehensive Blend of Vitamins & Minerals


USN Natures Energy Bar 15 x 50g Bar(s)

Great Tasting Natural Bars Contains Fibre, Carbohydrate & Protein For Energy & Muscle Mass


USN Protein Flapjack 24 x 80g Bar(s)

High Protein Healthy Snack Great Tasting Flavours Extra 13 of Protein per Flapjack


Vitality Nutri Bars - Dated July 17 12 x 50g Bar(s)

For muscle growth/recovery. With no added sugar and Gluten-free Range of flavours & satisfying texture


Vyomax High Protein Flapjacks 12 x 115g Bar(s)

When you need a healthy snack or protein boost reach for Vyomax High Protein Flapjacks. These delicious Protein Bars also contain carbohydrates to maintain...


Vyomax High Protein Oat Cookies 14 x 75g Cookies

Vyomax High Protein Oat Cookies is a tasty protein snack. Each cookie contains over 33g of Protein. Vyomax High Protein Oat Cookies comes in a variety...


XL Nutrition High Protein Flapjack 20 x 70g Bar(s)

18g of Protein 36g of Carbohydrate Made With Real Oats

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