D Shaped Ear Piece Two Way Radio Headset

The Cobra D Shaped Ear Piece Two Way Radio Headset allows the user to simply push a button in order to activate the two-way radio with the earpiece in the users ear.


Earbud TLKR, XTR, T5, Earbud with Ptt Microphone

The Motorola Earpiece with Push-to-talk Microphone for the Motorol radios. Discreet, lightweight earpiece with hand-operated lapel or collar-mounted microphone. Allows clear communication...


Earpiece Mic PTT & Transparent Curly Cord

This EPM has a transparent ear bud and curly cord, with an in-line microphone. Suitable for Cobra radios when you want to be handsfree. 


T6222 Charging Kit

The UK-compatible charger for the Motorola T6222 radio lets you charge the Two Way Radio for constant use. This is ideal if you use the product on a regular basis and its slick design...


T6222 European Charging Kit

This is the European charger for the TA288 radio. It enables the user to charge the Two Way Radio for constant use. Ideal for users who use the prodcut on a regular bases. It has a...


T7 / T5 TLKR Walkie Talkie in Car Charger

A genuine motorola car charger to give you the ability to charge your Motorola TLKR T5 in your car, van, lorry etc ..... Suitable for use with the following two way radios: Motorola...


Two Way Radio Accessory - XTN Earbud with Microphone and PTT

Earbud with Microphone and PTT for use with Motorola XTN446


XTN446 Euro Charger

Motorola XTN446 Euro two-hour Drop In Charger for use with the XTN446 two-way radio batteries.


XTN Bezel Pack

Pack of grey and yellow bezels for the Motorola XTN446.


XTN Headset with Swivel Microphone

Headset with Swivel Microphone is suitable for the Motorola XTN446 radio.


XTN Leather Carry Case

XTN Leather Carry Case available in Black, Grey and Yellow.


XTN Waterproof Bag

Waterproof Bag to protect your Motorola XTN 446 from wet conditions.

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