Wallace Cameron Blue Pilferproof Plasters Assorted Sizes (Blue) Pack of 150 Plasters

For Premier Pilferproof KitsQuantity 150Assorted Sizes: 72x25mm, 72x48mm and 38x38mmBlue


Wallace Cameron BS8599-1 Large Green Box First Aid Kit Refill (Blue)

Refill Box100 x Adhesive dressings1x Adhesive tape40 x Alcohol free wipes2 x Burn dressings2 x Conforming bandages4 x Eyepads4 x Finger bandages3 x Foil Blankets2 x Large Dressings8...


Wallace Cameron BS8599-1 Medium First Aid Kit Refill (Blue)

Refill Box60 x Adhesive dressings1x Adhesive tape30 x Alcohol free wipes2 x Burn dressings2 x Conforming bandages3 x Eyepads3 x Finger bandage2 x Foil Blankets2 x Large Dressings6 x...



Wallace Cameron First-Aid Fabric Adhesive Tape (25mm x 5m)

Suitable for securing dressing pads in place over the wound areaA comprehensive rangeFabric tapes ideal for industrial locationsSize: 25mmx5m


Wallace Cameron Pilferproof Fabric Plasters Refill (Box of 150 Plasters)

For Premier Pilferproof KitsQuantity 150Size: 760x25mm


Wallace Cameron Plasters Assorted (1 x Pack of 200)

The ideal plaster kit, suitable for the office, garage, shop etcWith at a glance stock control for fillingOnce used the dispenser can be refilled with a choice of plasters100 assorted...


Wallace Cameron Pull 'n' Open Plaster Refill (Blue) Pack of 60

Pull 'n' Open PlastersBlueRefill Pack60 plasters


Wallace Cameron Sterikool Sachet Non-toxic Australian Tea-tree Oil (Pack of 20)

Suitable for emergency care on burns, scalds and sunburnMoisturises, cools and soothes, minimises trauma, helps prevent infection, non-adherent and non-toxicContains Australian tea...


Wallace Cameron Triangular Hard-wearing Compliance Reusable Bandages (Pack of 6)

Hard-wearing bandagesA compliance dressingUsed to immobilise, support and protect arms, shoulders and ribsNon-frayed edgesReusablePacked 6


Wallace Cameron Twist & Open Pilferproof Fabric Plasters Refill (Pack of 60)

Pull 'n' Open PlastersFabricRefill Pack60 plasters


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