Automatic Tweezers

Automatic tweezer action, to help those who are tweezershy.


Cuticle Plier; Stainless

Traditional sprung cuticle pliers, in stainless steel.


Cuticle Scissors; Stainless

Fine quality stainless steel curved cuticle scissors.


Manicure Sticks X 5

The Manicure Sticks bundle has 510cm long sticks. This Manicure Stick is made of a high quality Orange Wood, with a double ended bevel. Manicure Sticks are used to push back the cuticle,...


Metal Nail File

The Nail File has double work sides, used to grind gently down and shape the edges of new cut nails.


Nail Pliers; Stainless Steel

Traditional sprung nail plier, in fine quality stainless steel.


Nail Scissors; Stainless Steel

Fine quality stainless steel.


Nose Ear & Moustache Scissors

The safest way to trim unwanted hair in the nose and ears. Ideal as moustache scissors. Fine quality stainless steel.


Pocket Nail Clipper

Convenient folding pocket nail clipper. Chrome plated steel.


Toenail Clipper

Folding toenail clipper. Chrome plated steel with File.


Tweezers Fine Point; Stainless

Top quality, fine pointed stainless steel tweezers. 10 cm long.


Tweezers Slanted Tip

Tweezers with slanted tip. Stainless steel, 8.5cm long.


Tweezers With Magnifying Glass

Ideal to see the finest of hairs. The magnifying glass is fixed to the tweezer to give perfect sight of the area being tweezed. Stainless steel.

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