1.1mm Purple Tepe Interdental Brushes

Tepe interdental brush Effective way to clean your teeth Plastic coated wires Reaches the spots a regular tooth brush can't reach Colour: Purple Size: 1.1mm


4pk Travel Tooth Brushes

4 Compact & Foldable Travel Tooth Brushes 4 Travel Tooth Brushes Ideal for Travel, Holidays, trips or every day use Compact & easy to carry Hygienic for travelling Conveniently folds...


6 - 8 Years Boy/girl Toothbrush

Wisdom step by step toothbrush Soft multi level filaments Gum bumpers & tongue cleaner Comfortable handle for easy use Suitable for ages 3 - 5 years Colour: Multi-coloured


Active Folding Travel Toothbrush

Compact Head for Access to all areas of Mouth Folding Neck with Pivot Action & Comfort Anti-slip Grip Compact Size for Travel, Medium Bristles End Rounded Monofilaments are designed...


Active Toothbrush Smokers

Smokers toothbrushes Pack of 2 Extra hard for effective stain removal Contoured rubber grip for comfort & easy use Round ended filaments to help prevent gum damage Colour: White Size:...


Active Travel Toothbrush

Travel toothbrushes Pack of 2 Handy travel accessories Colour: Multi-coloured Size: One size


Adult's Triple Pack Tooth Brushes

Medisure triple pack adult toothbrush Pack of three toothbrushes Medium flex-head Gentle on teeth and gums Soft grip handle for comfort and control Colour: Multicoloured Size: Medium...


Denture Tooth Brush

Manicare Help - Denture Brush Firm, strong bristles for maximum cleaning Effective denture cleaning Dual action design Color: Red


Folding Tooth Brushes 2 Pack

Folding toothbrushes Includes pack of 2 Medium bristle Hygenic foldaway design Ideal for traveling Colour: Blue/White Size: Medium


Medisure Childs Toothbrush

Sure children's tooth brush Soft bristles Gentle on teeth and gums Soft grip Colour: Assorted Size: 12m+


Medisure Healthcare Denture Brush

Medisure denture brush with two sides Ideal for cleaning dentures and other dental appliances Firm multi tufted bristles allow for thorough effective cleaning


Spiderman Toothbrush - Marvel Spiderman Travel Toothbrush With Mini Figurine

Spiderman Toothbrush Travel Kit Great For Overnight Trips Soft Toothbrush For Ages 3+


Tepe Angle Blister Assorted(d)

Plastic-coated wire, makes it safe to use on tooth surface. Pack of 2(Each containing 6 brushes), Total 12 Brushes Swedish made, high quality bristles for maximum efficiency and durability...


Toothbrush Single Pack

Adults single toothbrush Medium bristles Gentle on teeth & gums Soft grip comfort handle Colour: Assorted Size: Medium


Travel Toothbrushes

Mini Toothbrush Folding Space saving design


Twinklers Flashing Toothbrush

Manual toothbrush for kids With flashing timer Colour: Multi-coloured Size: One size


Wisdom Compact Travel Toothbrush

Wisdom travel toothbrush Compact head for easy plaque removal End round filaments to prevent gum damage Packs neatly away into a handy case Hygienic ventilated case keeps brush fresh...


Wisdom Fresh Effect Deep Cleaning Refill(d)

Tapered filaments clean in-between teeth Flexible neck prevents pressure on gums Tongue cleaner to remove bacteria Polishing rubber fingers to remove stains Deep-clean feeling


Wisdom Fresh Effect Whitening Refill(d)

Wisdom Fresh Effect Whitening Toothbrush Medium bristles


Wisdom New Step By Step Cdu Outer Toothbrush

Soft filaments with cleaning tip to effectively reach and clean all mouth areas Gum bumpers for protection when brushing Compact head for easy access Built in stand


Wisdom Smokers Toothbrush - Extra Hard

Smokers extra hard toothbrush High quality design Colour: White/Red Size: One size


Wisdom Step By Step 0-2 Years Refill

Aged 0-2 years Item sent may vary in colour from image shown. Image is an example only. Doubles as teething ring Featuring a small head with active tip to clean the vulnerable biting...


Wisdom Step By Step 3-5 Years Refill

Soft filaments with cleaning tip to effectively reach and clean all mouth areas. Gum bumpers for protection when brushing. Compact head for easy access Built in stand Easy and safe...


Wisdom Toothbrush Rechargeable

Wisdom rechargeable toothbrush With spare head Colour: Multi-coloured Size: One size


Wisdom Whitening Spin Adult Brush(d)

Wisdom Spin Brush Whitening Battery Toothbrush

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