Finesse Headlice Hair Comb

Finesse headlice comb Metal nit comb Professional quality beauty and hair care Colour: Blue Size: 6cm x 6cm


Lice Guard Combing Kit

LiceGuard children's egg and lice comb kit Designed especially with kids in mind The blunt (rounded) edges provide extra comfort and prevent abrasions of the scalp The most professional...


Liceguard Headlice Repellant Spray

Liceguard repellent hair spray Daily protection against head lice Made from natural ingredients Non-toxic 60 day supply Colour: White Size: 30ml


Medisure Handled Nit Comb

Nit handled comb Effective in detecting the presence of head lice Can be used in the "wet combing" method of treatment Fine toothed with handle Colour: White Size: 19cm


Medisure Nit Comb White 36pc Box

Medisure NitComb Unisex nit comb Double sided - thinner on one side Material: Plastic Colour: White


Nitty Gritty Headlice Repellant Spray

Nitty Gritty repellent kit Head lice spray for youngsters A daily squirt of this helps to keep children lice free Colour: Blue/White Size: 250ml


Nitty Gritty Headlice Repellant Spray Kit

Nitty Gritty lice repellent hair spray Head lice solution Simple and natural way to detect and remove head lice Includes free plastic nit comb Colour: Multicoloured Size: 150ml


Nitty Gritty Nit Comb

Nitty Gritty nitfree comb Removes head lice, nits & eggs No chemicals required Excellent for use with youngsters Colour: Grey


Shantys M2 Headlice Nit Comb

M2 head lice comb Developed by pharmacists to remove head lice, nits & eggs Patented two row technology Glides through most types of hair with ease Colour: Blue Size: 25cm approx

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