Elegant Touch Pedicure Accessories - Foldaway Foot File and Callus Remover 1

Has a file to remove and buff dead skin and a coarse metal side to exfoliate rough skin and helps to reduce calluses. The hand folding actions means this is ideal for travel.


Elegant Touch Pedicure Accessories - Foot File 1

Foot file with two sides, coarse grit for removing hard skin from the soles of your feet and a fine grit for a smooth finish. Wash after use.


Elegant Touch Pedicure Accessories - Toe Nail Clippers 1

Larger nail clipper - ideal for toes.


Go Travel Clipper Combo

The Clipper Combo by Go Travel is clipper combination set for essential grooming of fingers and toes when travelling or at home. It features a patented rotating blade for easy, precide...


Scholl Dual Action Foot File 1 file

Scholl Dual Action Foot File removes hard or rough skin and then buffs it smooth, leaving feet feeling beautifully soft. The coarse side of the file safely removes the rough or hard...


Scholl Toenail Clippers 1

Scholl Toenail Clippers trim even tough or thick nails. They feature an easy grip handle for precise and safe use, and the plastic case collects clippings for hygienic use and easy...

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