Alka Seltzer Original 20 Pack

If your head is hurting from the night before, then what you need is an Alka Seltzer Original to help alleviate your pain.


Alka Seltzer XS 20s

Alka Seltzer XS provide rapid relief of pain such as migraine, period pains, rheumatic and muscular pain, toothache, sore throat and the symptomatic relief of colds and flu.


Andrews Salts

There's nothing better than Andrews Salts for an upset tummy!


Bisodol 100s

Bisodol indigestion relief tablets provide effective, rapid relief when targeting acid indigestion, heartburn and trapped wind.


Buscopan IBS Relief 20 Pack

Buscopan IBS Relief provides relief of the painful symptoms of IBS, including abdominal cramps.


Colpermin 20 Capsules

Colpermin 20 Capsules contain natural peppermint oil formulated in a sustained release capsule, which has been clinically proven to provide relief of symptoms caused by Irritable Bowel...


Dulcoease 30s

Dulcoease gel capsules safely and effectively provide stool softening relief with its special scientifically researched formula.


Fybogel High Fibre Orange 10s

Fybogel High Fibre Orange drink is an easy and convenient way to increase fibre in your diet, helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation the...


Gaviscon Double Action

Don't suffer the effects of stinging heartburn or indigestion, when you can use Gaviscon Double Action to relieve the condition.


Imodium 6 Capsules

Imodium tablets provide relief from diarrhoea and can stop it in less than one hour.


Imodium Instants 6 Pack

Immodium Instants are a discreet aid to help fight the discomfort of diarrhea. Imodium Instants can be taken without water and can relieve diarrhea in under an hour.


Rennie Deflatine 36 Tablets

Painful trapped wind is no laughing matter. Rennie Deflatine offers discreet and effective relief without embarrassment to help you get on with your day.


Rennie Orange 24s Chewable Tablets

Rennie Orange Chewable Tablets help you relieve the effects of heartburn and indigestion, and you'll love the tasty orange flavour!


Rennie Peppermint 24 Pack

For an antacid tablet which quickly relieves the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, try Rennie Peppermint flavoured tablets.


Rennie Peppermint 72s

If you're suffering from heartburn or indigestion, then Rennie peppermint flavour tablets will help quickly relieve the symptoms so you can back to your day.


Rennie Spearmint 24 Pack

Containing carbonates of calcium and magnesium, Rennie Spearmint 24 Pack will quickly and effectively relieve you from indigestion and heartburn.


Rennie Spearmint 72 Pack

Soothe the symptoms of indigestion with Rennie Spearmint.


Rennie Sugar Free 48s

Rennie Sugar Free are mint flavoured sugar free anti-acid tablets, which quickly relieve many digestive problems including indigestion, heartburn, stomach upset and overindulgence.


Senokot Max Strength 24s

Senokot Max Strength laxatives contain all-natural senna to help your body combat constipation quickly and easily.


Senokot Max Strength 48s

Senokot Max Strength is the simple and effective way to clear obnoxious and uncomfortable constipation.


Senokot Natural Senna Laxative 20 Pack

Senokot Natural Senna Laxative quickly and gently alleviates the discomfort of constipation.


Senokot Tablets 60s

Senokot Tablets Natural Senna Laxative safely restore the natural rhythm of your body overnight, working within 8-12 hours.


Zantac Relief 75mg 12 Tablets

Zantac Relief provides fast acting relief for the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. One tablet goes on working for up to 12 hours.

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