Barebell Protein Bar

Barebell Protein Bar are amazing. The ingredients are simple yet effective. They tastes better than your normal chocolate bar and are a lot healthier for you. Barebell Protein Bar...


Bounty Protein Bars 18 x 51g Bar(s)

Milk & whey protein to assist muscle growth & repair Flavour & texture of the original bounty Suitable for post-workout or a protein-loaded treat


BPI Best Protein Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

20g of Protein per bar Rich & soft texture with that fresh-baked feel Mouth-watering flavours


BSN Syntha 6 Edge Protein Bar 12 x 66g Bar(s)

High Protein 20g Per Bar Great Tasting Protein Bar High In Fibre & Low In Sugar


CNP Professional Pro Bar Protein 12 x 70g Bar(s)

23g of premium protein per bar Milk protein isolate & whey protein concentrate Fudge-style layer & real chocolate coating


CNP Professional Pro Fusion Bar 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Contains beneficial fats including cocoa butterJust 239 calories per servingIdeal as a snack or treat around training


Efectiv Nutrition Dual Bar 12 x 50g Bar(s)

● High in protein (18g per 50g bar)● Contains just 7.5g of total carbs & 1.2g of sugar● Contains no palm oil, its sugar-free & GMO free



FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Blend of protein isolate and concentrate Each serving contains 20g of protein Gluten and GMO free, with no artificial flavourings


Forti-FX Fit Crunch Bars - Dated Sep 17 12 x 90g Bar(s)

Six Layer Baked Protein Bar With 30g of Protein Per Bar Delicious & Easily Digested


Fulfil Fulfil Vitamin and Protein Bar 15 x 55g Bar(s)

High Protein Per Bar Full of Vitamins & Minerals Delicious Flavours


Grenade Carb Killa 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Tasty high protein low carb snack. 23g of Protein per bar Contains 6.7g of Dietary Fibre per serving


High 5 Protein Bar 25 x 50g Bar(s)

High 5 ProteinBar contains 13g of protein and 24g of carbohydrates per bar. It has a light texture and chocolate coating for flavour. High 5 ProteinBar is suitable for vegetarians and...


Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars - Dated Sep 17 12 x 65g Bar(s)

Great Tasting Convenient Multi-Layer Bar 21g of Protein per Bar Supports Muscle Growth & Mass


Mars Protein Bars 18 x 58g Bar(s)

New Mars Protein Bar 19g of Protein Delicious Tasting Bar


Meridian Nut Bar

Meridian Nut Bars are a healthy snack while on the go. These provide you with a great taste and rich energy. Whoever loves having a spoonful of peanut butter every now and then will...


MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bar 12 x 63g Bar(s)

20g of Protein per Bar Only 210 calories Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance


Muscletech Nitro Tech Crunch Bar 12 x 65g Bar(s)

65g bar provides 22g of quality, muscle-building proteinLower in carbs, and contains just 3g of sugar alcoholsAvailable in a range of flavours


NRGFuel Protein Bars

NRGFuel Protein Bars is a high quality, high protein nourishment bar. It offers a convenient and simple solution to provide you with quality proteins and carbohydrates when you need...


PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie

PhD Nutrition Diet Cookie is a great tasting diet snack. A convenient way to add extra protein to your diet, with only 4g of sugar per cookie - Perfect for those with an active lifestyle. ...


PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT Bar 12 x 75g Bar(s)

Contains 30g of Protein Per Bar Great for Strength Training or Weight Lifting Training Plan Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance


PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars

PhD Nutrition Protein Supergrain Bars are a brand new, great tasting bar from PhD themselves. It is made with highest quality ingredients to give you the best benefits. PhD Nutrition...


PhD Nutrition Smart Bar

PhD Nutrition Smart Bar is a brand new, high quality protein bar that has been made to tastes amazing but also benefit your body with the nutrients.  PhD Nutrition Smart Bar is...


PhD Nutrition Smart Bar 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Each 64g bar provides 20g of muscle-building protein Low sugar Available in a range of indulgent flavours


Pro Supps My Bar 12 x 55g Bar(s)

● Each 55g bar contains 20g protein● Gluten-free and void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats● Available in a range of delectable flavours


Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein Bars 18 x 50g Bar(s)

Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein provides the nutrients that your body needs to recover after exercise. With protein and amino acids to support and repair muscle mass, this tasty bar also...


Pulsin Protein Snack Bar 18 x 50g Bar(s)

The Pulsin Protein Snack Bar is a simple and effective way of adding extra protein to your diet. Each bar contains 12g of protein. Pulsin Protein Snack Bars also contain fibre to keep...


Quest Nutrition Protein Bars 12 x 60g Bar(s)

High Protein Low Carb Snack Bars Gluten Free Protein Contributes To a Growth In & Maintenance Of Muscle Mass


Reflex Nutrition R-Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Introducing a new type of protein bar - Reflex Nutrition R-Bar. Great taste and texture without any hidden nasties. Each Reflex Nutrition R-Bar contains 20g of Protein.


Sci MX Pro 2Go Bar 12 x 65g Bar(s)

Delicious New Tasting Bar 21g of Protein Protein Supports Muscle


Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies

Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies are a delicious, soft baked, smooth chocolate chip brownie made with the best ingredients to help you with your fitness goals. Sci-Mx Pro2go Brownies contain...


Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Cookie

SCI-MX Pro 2Go Cookies, a delicious high protein snack designed to help with maintaining muscle and feeding our body with nutrients we need. SCI-MX Pro 2Go Cookies provides you with...


Sci MX Pro 2GO Duo Bar 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Sci MX Protein Duo is a protein bar with a difference. Each bar contains 20g of gradual release protein and eight hour amino acid formula for a constant protein supply to muscles. The...


Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar

Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar is a high quality protein bar that has been made with some great ingredients, making sure it delivers the best benefits to you. Sci-Mx Pro 2Go Protein Bar...


Snickers Protein Bars 18 x 51g Bar(s)

New Snickers Protein Bar 18g of Protein Delicious Tasting Bar


USN Low Sugar Protein 24 x 35g Bar(s)

Each 35g bar delivers 11g (31%) of milk protein to support muscle growth and repair Contains only 118 calories Multi-packs of individually wrapped


USN Protein Delite 12 x 76g Bar(s)

USN Protein Delte is a nutritious and tasty protein bar. Eating this bar is a simple and convenient way to add extra protein in your diet. You can eat USN Protein Delite between meals...


USN Protein Delite 18 x 50g Bar(s)

Advanced Whey Protein Isolate Over 15g of Protein Per Bar Convenient Post Workout Snack


USN Protein Delite 22 Low Carb 12 x 60g Bar(s)

Available in a range of mouth-watering flavours! High in fibre (7g per serve) to help keep you sated Multi-packs of individually wrapped bars


Warrior Crunch 12 x 64g Bar(s)

Quality protein to assist muscle growth and repair Satisfies cravings for chocolate - without guilt Authentic chocolate bar experience


Warrior Crunch Bar

Warrior Crunch Bar is a high quality, guilt free protein bar. It is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars. Warrior Crunch Bar contains only 239 calories and only...

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