Hydrator Fizz

Effervescent tablets have been formulated for active individuals who require rehydration and fuel for sport. Included in this formulation is Magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue...


Power and Cramp

Introducing the USN Power & Cramp tablets aimed at providing you with time-release electrolytes and minerals and optimise your performance.




An energy drink, formulated to enhance mental and physical performance by combining effective ingredients that when combined have a positive effect on human physical performance.



Sports Ener-G

USN's Ener-G is a great tasting, high energy, carbohydrate based drink with added electrolytes and phosphates to fuel your body and sustain your energy whenever you need it.



VO2MAX increases oxygen uptake and ventilatory breakpoint, enabling the athlete to push harder for a longer period of time. It also increases your body's formation of ATP, which allows...

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