Billion Dollar Brows Scissors

Scissors Designed for cutting & shaping eyebrows. Renders accurate & professional application with a handy size convenient for carrying around. Made with quality materials


Billion Dollar Brows Tweezers Slanted

Stainless steel and specially coated, these are the only tweezers that can meet our artists extremely high standards. Guaranteed to grab every hair, every time.


Billion Dollar Dual Pencil Brows Sharpener

Our Dual Pencil sharpener is designed to sharpen both fat tipped pencils such as our Brow Duo Pencil and smaller tipped pencils like the Brow Buddy Kit?s White Pencil. Includes a unique...


Bourjois 2 in 1 Tweezers and Eyelash Applicator

A great tool to apply and remove false lashes with ease! Step 1: Tweezer end for easy application Using the wide and curved shaped tweezer end, follow the natural lash line and...


Finesse Maincure Gold Pointed Tweezer

Pointed tweezers that gently hold tiny hairs without slipping or breaking, allowing easy removal of the most delicate hairs.


Real Techniques Multitask Set 3 Brushes

This limited edition multitask set simplifies your makeup routine. The collection has 3 brand new, exclusive brushes with unique cuts and sizes, to make you a multitasking pro. These...


Royal Cosmetic Connections Circular Magnifying Swivel Mirror

A funky 5 x magnifying swivel mirror available in purple, pink and silver. Ideal for your dressing table or bathroom when you need to apply your make up.


Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer Gold Polished 5.8ml

Carry your favorite fragrance anywhere with sen7. This sleek, unisex pocket-sized atomizer is made for travel, it is TSA-approved, won't break in your bag or pocket, and is easy to...

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