Yotuel All-in-one Toothpaste 75ml- Wintergreen

Bio Cosmetics Laboratories have developed Yotuel with a patented combination of maximum efficiency and dental whitening.Yotuel Protects against caries and dental erosion. Yotuel also...


Yotuel Mouthwash 250ml

Rinse for one minute after brushing your teeth. Refreshes the mouth and helps to fight the bacteria responsible for plaque. Alcoholfree.


Yotuel Tooth Whitening Pen

Yotuel Whitening Pen is an effective touch up pen to help maintain your healthy, white teeth.Easy to use, this pen is ideal for touching up teeth on the go and is formulated with Carbamide...


Yotuel Whitening Kit

Advanced dental whitening programme. A unique balanced formula releases active oxygen that brightens and whitens your smile safely and naturally. Contains no harmful acids or abrasives.


Yotuel Whitening Toothpaste 50ml

Whitens teeth without any abrasive action.

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