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Relieve nagging back pain with the magnetic BackstretcherMagnetic therapy inserts for effective pain reliefStretches & massages the lower backMeasures L76cmxW25cmxH9cm)shortcode accordion=Description)Designed by a chiropractor, this scientifically shaped curved frame supports, stretches and massages the lower back, and spine, helping reduce pressure on each vertebrae to gently realign them to a more natural stress-free position. The rolling balls provide gentle but deep Shiatsu-style kneading, helping to increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension and bring soothing relaxation to your back. In only 15 minutes your backache should have melted away. Crafted in quality hardwood. Measures L76cmxW25cmxH9cm. This device is intended principally for lower back pain.)/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Reviews))/shortcode)

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Instant self-massage relieves tense shoulders, stiff necks and sore backsAllows you to apply deep tissue massage to the places you cant reach|Good at easing tightness and knotting in the musclesWith a comfortable non-slip handle)shortcode accordion=Description)That intriguing item in the picture is a Back Nodger - funny name we agree, but what its called is not as important as what it does. Essentially it allows you to apply deep tissue massage to the places you cant reach with your hands: shoulders and the back, in particular. And the Back Nodger is especially good at easing tightness and knotting in the muscles, one of the most common causes of headaches, neck and back pain. The Nodger head is shaped to press right into the centre of the knot, while the sturdy curved frame lets you reach those hard-to-get-at places. Finished with a comfortable non-slip handle, the Back Nodger is recommended and used by top physiotherapists and sports professionals as well as being praised by the press. In the words of Woman and Home Magazine: ...a brilliant self-massager... Once tried, youll be addicted - its simple, but seriously good! No batteries or electrical power required. Size: L42xW26xD3cm (at maximum dimensions). )/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Reviews))/shortcode)

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Radio Controlled T.E.N.S. Pain Relief by HomeClinicHelps releive painContains a self-adhesive electrode pad and Wireless Remote ControlUseful in the treatment of Tendinitis, Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Acute Pain)shortcode accordion=Description)This new Radio Controlled T.E.N.S. is a total breakthrough in drug free pain relief. Its self-adhesive electrode pad can be placed at the site of pain under clothing for continuous discreet pain relief. The user can instantly control the required program and degree of intensity, eliminating messy trailing wires. Can be used anywhere, watching TV, in a car, on holiday etc. Complete with Lithium batteries. T.E.N.S. is especially usefully in the treatment of the following: Tendinitis (Tennis Elbow), Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, Headache, Insomnia, Stress. The Wireless Radio Controlled T.E.N.S. can also be used to help burn fat, consume energy and keep the body fit.)/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Reviews))/shortcode)

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