Reflex MicroWhey - 909g Stockists

Reflex MicroWhey - 909g Stockists

Whey Protein Isolate with a splash of flavouring For the fastest muscle-building protein anabolism, complete and immediate intestinal absorption of high quality protein is essential. Every shred of recent protein research suggests that undenatured whey protein isolate is the ultimate form of protein for building muscle and recovery. This is why Micro Whey has been the choice of tens of thousands of athletes with an enoumous 86% protein content that is proven on a weekly basis through rigorous protein testing. Added Pro Biotics & Digestive Enzymes Another big difference between other standard whey products and Micro Whey is the standard inclusion of very special Digezyme enzymes and Lactospore pro-biotics. Digezyme enzymes have been extensively studied and shown to enhance protein digestion, whilst Lactospore pro-biotics, similar to those found in yoghurt, provide for a healthier gut. Note: Some brands will list pre-biotics, this is simply a term that describes a food source for beneficial bacteria, they DO NOT supply pro-biotic bacteria. Preferentially selected Whey Protein, the Best Reflex Nutrition go to great lengths to ensure that Micro Whey contains preferentially selected batches of whey protein isolate which are carefully chosen to meet A very strict criteria that dictate the highest levels of protein, with virtually zero fat and carbohydrate. Its all sourced from the EU and does NOT contain any hormones or heavy metals which can be found in some non EU material. Micro Whey contains Bio-Active Fractions The whey protein found in Micro Whey is made using cross flow micro filtration. This unique process is carried out at low temperature to preserve many beneficial bio-active whey fractions like Glycomacropeptide, Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulin and others. Amazing range of flavours and sizes Micro Whey comes in a huge range of flavours and sizes to suit just about everyone. You'll be amazed just how easily they mix and how good they taste w

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